Why Do You Need An IFTA License?

eTrucks ifta software blog 2020 07 15

If you are thinking of starting, or are currently running a business in the motor carrier industry moving freight or people, you ought to understand why you need an IFTA license and IFTA decals. Everyone applying for an IFTA license starts at the same spot. Whether you are starting a brand-new motor carrier business, or

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How do you find a compliant IFTA program?

eTrucks ifta software blog 2020 01 31

Now that electronic record keeping for Hours of Services has been mandated by the Department of Transportation through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, you might find yourself wondering about other compliance paperwork like IFTA. IFTA or the International Fuel Tax Agreement continues to use the same calculation. When submitting on time, the only changes

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Canadian Carbon Charge & IFTA Rates

eTrucks ifta software blog 2019 07 29

If you operate in Canada or travel through, you may have to file the Canadian Carbon Charge Report. Provinces and territories in Canada that do not have their own carbon pricing must follow this Federal Carbon Charge program. It is managed by the Canadian Revenue Agency or CRA (Canadian IRS equivalent). The provinces and territories

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